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My Favorite So Far

On our walk around town this morning, we found another Little Free Library! This town is full of them now!  But we also found a very special, slightly different, sharing box. This one is my favorite so far!

Sharing poems...

Sharing poems…


The Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, 1955

I’m happy that Thanksgiving is here and I have some time to spend with my family! The Grandboy is on his way (over the river and up I-5 to Grandmother’s house…), and we are all gathering to have our first gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner. This will be a day full of warmth, yummy smells from the kitchen, Thanksgiving parades, football, family, and fun.

Sharing a memory with you today of a Thanksgiving Day parade from long ago, with brothers and cousins on a cold day in 1955. This old family photo also brought to mind a wonderful book of poems we used to read to our own children:  It’s Thanksgiving, by Jack Prelutsky. I wish each and every one of you a very happy day, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving Day or not!

The Thanksgiving Day Parade
By Jack Prelutsky

Thanksgiving Day is here today,
the great parade is under way,
and though it’s drizzling quite a bit,
I’m sure that I’ll see all of it.

Great balloons are floating by,
cartoon creatures stories high,
Mickey Mouse and Mother Goose,
Snoopy and a mammoth moose.

Humpty Dumpty, Smokey Bear
hover in the autumn air,
through the windy skies they sway,
I hope that they don’t blow away.

Here comes Santa, shaking hands
as he waddles by the stands.
It’s so much fun, I don’t complain
when now it really starts to rain.

The bands are marching, here they come,
pipers pipe and drummers drum,
hear the tubas and the flutes,
see the clowns in silly suits.

It’s pouring now, but not on me,
I’m just as dry as I can be,
I watch and watch, but don’t get wet,
I’m watching on our TV set.

Rainy, Rainy Saturday

jack_80rainyIt’s raining cats and dogs here this morning! B and I are having to speak a little louder to each other due to the loudness of the rain on the roof… and we’d really like to head over to Tully’s for an intense dark mocha this morning, but we’ll get drenched the minute we step outside!

It all reminds me of that wonderful little book of poems we used to read to our kids:  Rainy, Rainy Saturday, by Jack Prelutsky.  It was a family favorite!