Effective Complaining!

I guess it pays to complain every once in awhile. Yesterday I complained royally about the heat wave that hit Seattle this week. We broke high temperature readings on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I proclaimed that we were “melting!” Well, by yesterday afternoon, the temperatures had dropped 17 degrees from the day before. This morning, huge thunder claps announced the onset of a quick summer rainstorm and silenced the baby crows for a short time. B will probably not be happy that I’m so encouraged by my effective complaining! But here’s the result (and my first attempt at video with my little camera…). Turn up the sound so you can hear the rainplops (as we call them here).


10 thoughts on “Effective Complaining!

  1. Robin

    Tara, I love the sound of rain on the roof. This was a really loud downpour…but I still love it. It’s a good thing, too, because we sure get a lot of it living in this area!

    Bookfool, it’s hard to describe how big the raindrops can be around here. There’s rain, and then there’s RAIN. We need a lot of words to describe it all. Our weather reports in the winter can be really funny. How do you describe all those months of the same weather day after day, and make the reports sound new and different?


  2. mom

    I, too, loved the sound. Who better to appreciate that sound than one living in a desert state with temperatures the coming days will be above 100°? What a pleasant sound! How much we’d love to hear that soound here.


  3. Gentle Reader

    I love the “rainplops”–what a great sound. I wish we had more of it here in LA.

    And our weather reports here can be really funny, too. Most of the year it’s so monotonous, that when there’s the tiniest storm, all of a sudden on the news it’s “Stormwatch 2007”, and much coverage with reporters out there in raincoats, etc.


  4. Robin

    Hi Mom,
    It’s a sound I love, too, having grown up in the desert! I wish we could send you some of it and cool off those awful triple-digit temperatures.

    Gentle Reader,
    It must be a difficult job to be a weather person in such climates. I’m afraid they’re a bit like the Maytag man…!


  5. tanabata

    ‘Rainplops’ is a great word! We got a lot of rain on Saturday, and it was blessedly cooler, since a typhoon was making it’s way up the country. We didn’t end up being in it’s path so not much rain yesterday. Now unfortunately it’s back to hot and uncomfortable. 😦


  6. Robin

    “Raindrops” doesn’t describe the size of the drops, thus the “rainplops” at our house. I watched the satellite images of your typhoon. I’m glad you weren’t in it’s path. This morning there’s news of another earthquake. I hope that wasn’t too near to you, either.


  7. Bellezza

    When it’s that hot, you have all the license to complain you need. Days like these make me wish it was January; truthfully, I’m more of a Winter Girl than Summer.


  8. Robin

    Bellezza, I don’t do well in the heat, so I definitely prefer the other seasons over summer. I’ll confess that I love the rain…which is why I love living in the Northwest!



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